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MeatEx Canada (physical event)

Will there be a physical exhibition in 2021?

Unfortunately, the answer is no due to the situation with COVID-19 globally and further travel restrictions.  Since organizing events in 2021 is not possible, we believe that the beginning of 2022 is a more realistic timeframe for the trade fair industry.  So, MeatEx Canada will take place from Sep 28-30, 2022.

Is my registration for MeatEx 2021 still valid for 2022?

We keep the same hall constellation – Hall C – on the new date, therefor the confirmed placements would necessarily not change. This means that your registration would remain valid and we would automatically reallocate it to the new date.

I have an entrance ticket for MeatEx 2021. What do I have to do?

All purchased entrance tickets for MeatEx 2021 are valid for MeatEx 2022.

Is the entrance ticket refundable if my visa application is rejected?

Entrance tickets are nonrefundable. Obtaining a Canadian visa is subject to the submission of several documents, one of which is an entrance ticket for the exhibition. We strongly recommend that you make sure you meet your visa requirements by contacting the Consulate General of Canada at your place of residence before purchasing your entrance ticket.


What is MeatEx Networking?

MeatEx Networking is an online event accessible on the Internet from your computer, tablet or mobile. It allows you to replicate the function of our physical exhibition with know how and information exchanges without the need for exhibitors and visitors to travel and regardless of their geographical location. MeatEx Networking offers many activities, events, seminars, and chat/virtual meeting possibilities.

How can I register for MeatEx Networking as an exhibitor?

MeatEx Networking events are an added value service only for exhibitors of MeatEx Canada. This additional service is free of charge.  To participate in MeatEx Networking as an exhibitor, simply register here for MeatEx Canada 2022, pay your down payment, and confirm your floorplan. This will automatically add you to MeatEx Networking events.

Do I have to pay to participate as a virtual exhibitor?

No, MeatEx Networking is free of charge for exhibitors of MeatEx Canada.

Is MeatEx Virtual free of charge for visitors?

MeatEx Virtual will be free of charge for all registered visitors. To register, click here.

How does MeatEx Networking work?

MeatEx Networking will be using Pheedloop as our virtual platform, to find out more about this Pheedloop, you can watch their training videos below:

For visitors

For exhibitors

I want to chat with an exhibitor offline, how can I do it?

If you wish to chat with an exhibitor offline, you can send them an email or leave them a message in the chat.

I have a bug before/during the show, what should I do?

Before the exhibition: For any assistance please contact your contact person on our team.
During the Exhibition: You can contact us at any time via online chat with an admin team member.

Do you have any events or seminars during the physical and virtual exhibition?

Numerous high-level seminars will be offered in the “events” section of the physical or virtual exhibition. More information regarding registration will be announced here and through our newsletter.

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