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Canada: The obvious choice for seafood

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11 April 2022

With a huge coastline, it’s no wonder Canada is a top destination for seafood producers, sellers and buyers. 
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•   In 2020, Canada exported 566,000 tonnes of seafood worth $6.43 billion.
•   Top destinations were the United States ($4.12 billion), China ($1.04 billion) and the European Union ($440 million), accounting for 87 per cent of Canada’s fish and seafood total export value.
•   Top species exported were lobster ($2.09 billion), crab ($1.33 billion) and salmon ($970 million), accounting for 68 per cent of total Canadian fish and seafood export value.
•   Canada is an active and modern country in all fields. Part of modernism is healthier lifestyle nutrition. Canada’s young generation and multicultural mix have had an amazing impact on seafood consumption. This special situation has created an exceptional opportunity for seafood producers.
Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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