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6 April 2022

Cast your line and hook a spot at MeatEx Canada if you’re a producer, seller or buyer of fish. You don’t want this opportunity to connect with the domestic and international meat, poultry and seafood industry to get away!

MeatEx Canada, at the Enercare Centre in Toronto from Sept. 28-30, is the premier event for the industry. It will highlight the most important ways it will move into the future. And when it comes to fish, there’s no place you’d rather do so than Canada:

• With a huge coastline, Canada has a thriving fish industry, exporting up to $5 billion US.

• The volume of freshwater fish produced in Canada has increased to over 21,000 metric tons per year.

• Average Canadian household spending on fish is roughly $270 Cdn per year.

• More people following a pescatarian diet may have increased production in recent years.

Secure your spot at MeatEx Canada by registering through our online registration.

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