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21 March 2022

The meat industry in Canada is abuzz with production, processing, storage and marketing activities. And Canadian households are responding, spending nearly $1,500 annually on red meat, Statistica reports. On average, Canadians consume 41 grams of cooked fresh meat, such as beef, pork, lamb and veal, a day. Canada’s beef consumption was up 1.6 per cent to 958,000 tonnes in 2020.
If you are looking for a fresh market you’re invited to come and engage with the lively Canadian meat industry community at MeatEx Canada. The exhibition takes place at Enercare Centre in Toronto, from Sept. 28-30.
The event is also an unbeatable opportunity to take a closer look at the ways you can move into the future with the Canadian meat industry.
With advanced technology, multicultural cities, and economic stability, Canada is a great country in which to do business. Canada is the hub of multiculturalism, and this means a different styles of cooking and marinated meat. This variation can open a new window to expand the meat industry and the consequences of expanding your business. The country has secure trade corridors and gateways, excellent transport infrastructure, and a vibrant and innovative economy. 
MeatEx Canada is leading this innovative and informative journey for you. Register now and discover more aboth this market.

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