Why MeatEx, Why Canada


“Meat the BEST in one place 


Why MeatEx?


  • The business platform to connect with the best, all in one place
  • Presenting the future of the Meat Industry
  • The intersection of Industry and Products
  • The B2B Meeting point for the American Continent and the rest of the world
  • Covering the North American market
  • Focused on Quality (#EatBetterMeat)
  • Engage with the domestic and international meat industry community
  • Host of numerous major international delegations and buyers
  • Various side events, including specialized workshops and seminars


Why Canada?

  • The Canadian meat industry is among the top 20 in the world
  • Around $5.1 billion in imports and $6.4 billion in exports (Red Meat-Poultry-Seafood-Deli products)
  • 85kg of consumption per capita (Red Meat-Poultry-Seafood-Deli products)
  • Consumer demand for high-quality meat is strong and growing (#EatBetterMeat)
  • Increase in annual consumption of all kinds of meat (fresh and processed) due to a rising population.
  • Culturally diverse cuisine and consumption habits
  • Easy access to the US market
  • Close to the South American meat producing countries