Tale Professional Advisors (T.P.A.)

Mr. Ario Tale Yazdi 


Address: 1706 Avenue Rd. Unit 3

Toronto, ON M5M 3Y6

Tel: +1 647-651-4140

WhatsApp: +1 647-801-2599

About Us:

Tale Professional Advisors (T.P.A.) established in 2011. As a registered member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Body (ICCRC) and being a Commissioner of Oaths for Ontario, Canada, Ario Tale-Yazdi offers wide range of services to his clients. From their two locations, T.P.A. handles a variety of visa and immigration application to Canada. With providing the best service to their clients in mind, T.P.A. also offers translation, payment of fees and passport pickups.

Required Documents for Visitors Visa:

  • Invitation Letter from MeatEx Canada
  • Travels to Schengen Countries, U.K. or U.S.A.
  • Bank statement of $100,000 CAD for the main applicant/$50,000 CAD for each accompanying family member
  • Management Level Background
  • Employment Insurance Contribution
  • Ties to home country

Points to increase the possibility of receiving a visa:


  • Authorisation letter from the place of employment
  • Attendance Certificate from Children’s school (if applicable)
  • Membership in charitable, sporting and social organizations
  • Travel Insurance


Please send back the filled initial form to: